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Crossborderit for IOSS

Use the power of Shopify and Crossborderit to create true IOSS and landed costs for your European Buyers.

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IOSS is great for Global eCommerce merchants and customers!

In the past, there was no direct way to pay Import VAT(sales tax) to the European authorities. Shipments were held, and customers were frustrated with double bills and costs that were not calculated in the checkout. Customers were expected to pay both duties and taxes on products over 22€ in the past. Now all buyers in the EU ONLY need to pay import VAT up to 150 euros.

The European one-stop-shop is automated and simple with Shopify and Crossborderit.

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IOSS has created a process that helps Merchants to collect VAT and pay it through an intermediary like Crossborderit

The Crossborderit Shopify APP makes these processes simple and effective. By leveraging the Shopify duty and tax calculator, merchants can calculate taxes right in the checkout and add the 1€ fee and other Import costs for Crossborderit services, so customers have a clear idea of what they are paying at check-out.

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Crossborderit handles payment, compliance, and reporting with access to our platform for just $99 a month including your first 100 monthly orders.

The European import one-stop shop is automated and simple with Shopify and Crossborderit.

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