Crossborderit lets you take control of your duty and tax payments.
Crossborderit collects and pays all fees on buyers' behalf minimizing any delay of shipment, or surprise payments.

Merchants- Expedite delivery and delight customers while lowering returns and cart abandonment,
Carriers and Brokers- Get paid quickly and focus on your core business rather than chasing bills and taking write-offs.

DDP (Delivery Duties Paid)

Calculate duties and taxes at check out or before shipping.
With collections, Crossborderit uses its proprietary payment system to simply and compliantly pay governments, customs brokers, and whoever needs that payment to simplify the transaction.

DDP Lite

Crossborderit DDP Lite Solution is a Post Purchase Solution that can help to collect Duties and Taxes even if they are not calculated in the checkout. The transaction happens after the checkout but can be completed before the shipment is customs cleared creating a simple low-touch DDP solution.

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