Classification HTS/HS

Our Classit CRM maintains your articles together with the HTS/HS codes.
Classit is the simplest way to organize and classify goods with both six digit and fully qualified codes.
Relay on fast human interaction and support to maintain code accuracy at a low price.

Importers and Exporters - Import Control System 2 (ICS2)

Remove the challenge of guessing your codes. Classit allows you to ship compliantly allowing your customers to get the good without delay and fully compliant.

New Laws in the EU and U.S. require accurate codes and descriptions for all imports, transits and exports.

Classit Subscription Options

Basic (FREE)
·  Sharing and Storage of HS/HTS codes
·  Validation of six-digit reference
·  Tariff reference for self-classification

Premium (€59 monthly)
·  Sharing and storage of HS/HTS codes
·  Validation of six-digit reference
·  In-App classification purchase
·  Self-classification

Enterprise (upon request)
·  Full classification code services
·  Unlimited users
·  Bulk pricing TBD based on volumes
contact Crossborderit for details

Cost Per Classification

6 Digit Classification - 0.05 cent
Fully Qualified HS Classification - 1

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