We believe in seamless global shipping

Crossborderit supports all parts of the supply chain that offers cross border services

About us

We strive to reimagin global cross border supply chain, so all international shopping seamlessly feels local. Our main value proposition is to serve the next generation of global shopping experience

Our team

Crossborderit’s teamvisions an international seamless supply chain where all parties involved benefits of our services, where the global buyer can benefit from a transparent shopping experience they can trust.

By integrating parts of the supply chain that is needed for a complete digital solution, Crossborderit team creates a value chain that decreases the burden for all involved in the global B2C purchase transaction.

Peter Jacobsson

Peter Jacobsson has innovated digital customs solutions in Scandinavia for thirty-five years. As the driving force behind ECUS he has innovated automated clarence solutions and touched nearly every strong Scandinavian brand.

Marcus Oliveira

Marcus is the Co-Founder and operational expert behind Crossborderit. Marcus has a strong history with FedEx and has been involved with some of the most innovative payment solutions for the streamlining of Duties and Tax payments for the PostNord de-minimis implementation.

Damon Baca

Damon is the Co-Founder and Visionary of Crossborderit, which strives to bring technology and transparency to international Cross-Border transactions globally. He marries the high-tech to the compliance heavy transactions through cross-border distribution and Omni-Channel.

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