We eliminate the uncertainty for the total import cost

Displaying total landed cost reduces your cart abandonment

Solutions for global cross-border shopping

We allow Integrators, Postal authorities and 3rd Party Logistic businesses to control the flow of data where we enable check-outs to integrate the total landed cost and subsequently collect paid duties, taxes and brokerage fees for the importing Customs Broker.

Use our seamless integration protocols

Our system platform enables any type of integrations you prefer. We have one simple solution to support you with Classification, Calculation, Collection of import costs and Customs brokerages, all to make sure the shopper gets a smooth buying experience.

Our services

We offer a SaaS platform software where our solution allows you to upload your classifications, enables you to calculate the total importing costs for the buyer, collect all fees and forward them to the import broker, all this together with all the relevant master data, thus making a fully complete B2C customs declaration for a seamless cross border entry into the destination country


We allow customers to have access to our SaaS, which automates almost all classification of goods, with easy human-expert intervention for certain classifications


Our calculation service is an API driven system that enables you to correct provide any system, such as a check-out or a customs brokerage system to display the total landed costs. Our system has a global reach that continually updates correct costs.


Our services for collections includes all import fees. This removes the double payment issue that all global cross border buyers face today, as one payment is due in check-outs and the 2nd payment occurs when all fees has been determined upon arrival at the import broker.


Our system collects all master-data from the Merchant, Shipper, Carrier and 3PL to combine all previous information into a complete import customs declaration.

All brokers connected will have a fully customized data set to make sure a seamless clearance can take place without human intervening.

A system made and built for global shoppers

The shopper knows what they are going to pay when they buy the product. Customs is paid accurately allowing the package to be delivered just like a domestic shipment.Enable all shoppers to buy cross border products knowing what the total price will be without surprises and delays in customs


of shoppers will likely complete a cross border purchase if total landed cost is displayed in the checkout


of cross border shoppers prefers to prepay import fees in the checkout

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