We support the global shopping experience

Crossborderits platform offers global solutions for customs clearances

Crossborderit supports you with the capability to display the total landed costs in the check-out

With a simple calculation we visualize all import fees before payment in a seamless global shopping experience.

Crossborderit improves the supply for all parties in any transaction.

Grow your business with international customers.

Crossborderit focus on classification services, collection and payment of duties taxes and fees as well as customs services.


Crossborderit offers a unique platform for organizing and classifying goods.

HS/HTS codes are the key to smooth clarences across borders.

Classit gives you the power to:

·     Organize Your codes
·     Verify Your codes
·     Share your codes with your organization
·     Get classification support at a low price

The days of managing your HS/HTS codes on a spreadsheet and guessing at the appropriate codes are over. Learn More.


Customers want to know what they are paying for products they are buying. This is a challenge when duties, taxes and fees are difficult to determine and pay. Crossborderit can fix that.

·     Expand your market internationally
·     Lower your liabilities with customs        authorities and brokers
·     Lower return rates and canceled orders
·     Delight your customers

Imagine having a platform that takes care of your cross-border payments by helping you calculate all the taxes and duties and helping you make a single payment that everything without you having to make multiple payments. Eliminate chasing customers for additional payments avoiding chasing customers for additional payments and create transparency that will improve the overall customer experience. Learn More.

Digital Customs

Crossborderit revolutionizes the customs process. Crossborderit can clear a package or consignment for a fraction of the time and money others can.

·     Clearance release in minutes instead of days
·     Digital clearances that can be done while a package is in transit
·     Scanning and last mile services closer to your local markets.

Let Crossborderit improve your clearances with digital customs. Learn more.

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