CBIT FAQ (frequently asked questions)

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What is IOSS?
What is an Intermediary Service?
What's your pricing?
What are the goods covered for IOSS?
What countries do your IOSS Cover?
I am a sole trader and do not have a business registration, what else can I use to continue with my registration?
What will be added to come up with €150.00?
What's your process?
Is there a contract?
Can I use my IOSS number with the rest of my sub-shops?
Where does Customs in Europe access our IM number, anyway? How do they know that VAT for each package has been paid?
What happens if I'm registered outside EU but my goods are going to EU,do I charge the VAT based from where my product is transported?
Do you cover Custom Duties?
Can I use IOSS for my B2C websites?
Are there any other filing/payments requirements apart from VAT if I do a Drop shipping business in the above mentioned countries?
What else do you service apart from VAT payments?
Is it possible to not be billed for €1 per transaction without paying for the monthly fee?
€1 per transaction is a fixed figure or is there anything on top of that?
If my volume was to increase in the future – would there be a reduction in fees?
What's my next step after getting my IOSS number?
What can you offer me?
How does your company receive the VAT which is then passed to IOSS?
We are looking at DDP service for shipment value above EUR20 in order to avoid tax handling fee from Fedex. Is that the service your company can provide?
What should I do for any concerns at customs?

Account Management

I cannot log in now. What should I do?
I forgot my password, I clicked the link "Forgot Password" but it didn'tdo anything. I do not have an email for me to reset.
How can I log in to my account?
Can I give my IM (IOSS) number to my buyers if they asked for it?
How can I make changes on my account?
How can I deregister?
I never used your service
Can I suspend my account?
I want to add more shops under my IOSS, how can I do that?
I want to add more shops under my IOSS, how can I do that?

General Inquiry

Is there any threshold limit for the VAT registration in the Europeannations or other countries listed above?
Where are you registering my IOSS?
Can you advise on approx cost % of the custom duty of item imported?
Do I have to pay for corporate Tax?
Are there any other fees to pay to ship products to EU?
Can I pay taxes using your platform?
Should I be using the flat 25% as shown on your EU Vat Rates file for all my transactions?
What does the VAT covers?
Is VAT paid in Euros?
Can VAT return process be done?

Shipping & Tracking

Can I use my existing Shipping company with you?
There are reports saying that some carriers are still asking for VAT to be paid upfront
Can I already start shipping using my IOSS number, evenbefore you provided the billing information?
Is it okay to ship my items using DHL?
Do you have your own Shipping service?
What happens when we need to ship a parcel to a customer who has not paid for the goods? For example giveaway prize or free replacement products to replace a defect or packaging error? Is it possible to ensure that such a customer does not incur fees when their parcel is delivered?
We have replacement products for damaged/defect goods. They are getting flagged at local EU customs for not being processed via IOSS or having a value and customers have been assessed significant fees to claim their merchandise when we ship DDU. What should we to do in these cases?


Will I get a refund if I cancel my service?
Can I get a refund of my application fee if I wish to discontinue the application?
I'm a Shopify customer, will they credit me back my monthly subscription fee?


Can I pay late?
Where can I see my paid invoices?
What is my cycle?
How to file a dispute on VAT?
I didn't get my bill
What is the currency on my Shopify bill?
How will you charge me the €1 per transaction if I decided to take it?


Is there a separate bill using your plug ins?
Can I backdate my orders if I use your Shopify now?
How can I make changes in the currency I use in Shopify?
Will Shopify capture existing orders in queue if I install now?
What apps are you integrated with?
What are payment portals available in Shopify?
What information will be shared if we install your plugins?