CBIT FAQ (frequently asked questions)

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What is IOSS?
What is an Intermediary Service?
What's your pricing?
What are the goods covered for IOSS?
What countries do your IOSS Cover?
What document do you need from a Sole Trader?
What's your process?
Is there a contract?
How are parcels pass customs?
Can I use IOSS for my B2C websites?
What are other fees billed to me?
Do you have reduced fees for high shipments?
What can you offer me?
How does your company receive the VAT which is then passed to IOSS?
Do you support more than €150 deliveries?
How to deal with customs issues?
Can I share my IOSS number when customers asked for it?
Why do I have to pay a Monthly Subscription Fee?

Account Management

I can't log in
What changes can I make on my account?
How can I deregister?

General Inquiry

What does the VAT covers?
What currency do I pay my VAT?

Shipping & Tracking

When can I start using my IOSS number?
Do you have your own Shipping service?
Do I need to pay for replacements parcels?


I'm a Shopify customer, will they credit me back my monthly subscription fee?


Can I pay late?
Where can I see everything about my bills?
What is my cycle?
How to file a dispute on VAT?
What is the currency on my Shopify bill?
What are your Payment Options?


Can I backdate my orders if I use your Shopify now?
How can I make changes in the currency I use in Shopify?
Will Shopify capture existing orders in queue if I install now?
What apps are you integrated with?
What are payment portals available in Shopify?
Information using Integration Plugins