Crossborderit can support many players in the supply chain to improve price and services

Our partners

Customs Brokers

Crossborderit payments
Crossborderit can pay clearance fees and duties and taxes to Customs Brokers that partner with us. We have the payments and would like to remove the risk of writes offs and chasing customers. To become a Partner and receive hassle free DDP Payments sign up here (link to Broker Sign up page).

Crossborderit Classifications
Classit can support customs brokers to organize their clients HS and HTS codes. Brokers can manage their customers codes individual with the same login. This is a great value add to your customers and a timesaving support for your staff. Brokers have access to all of the Classification services allowing you to outsource classification per piece or in a mass upload.

Crossborderit digital Customs
Crossborderit can deliver customs Manifests directly into your clearance systems. This lowers clearance times, employee hours and improves accuracy. You can clear a shipment at the click of a button.

Carriers and Consolidators

Digital Customs

Many of the best carriers in the world use Crossborderit to digitally clear their packages.

Crossborderit offer unique option in counties that often over looked allowing carriers and consolidators to take advantage of low volume trucks in the last mile.

Crossborderit offers Scanning and support.

Take control of your customs clearances and lower theoverall costs to your customers with Crossborderit.

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Label Printers and TMS Systems

With new International laws Label Printers and TMS Systems can offer classification, and Landed Cost to their customers pre or post Sales.Crossborderit can use the DDP lite solution to collect and pay duties and taxes as a DDP or DDU solution. This is a value added solution that will improve your product offering and relationship with your shippers.

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