Transform your customs clearances
Business to Consumer Clearances are changing

Crossborderit lowers the cost of clearance, speeds up the process, shorter transit times, supports scanning and last-mile recommendations.

Crossborderit uses cutting-edge technology to support 3PLs, Carriers, and Brokers to digitize customs.

·  Low-cost
·  Fast B2C clearances
·  Support with scanning and cross-docking
·  Last mile delivery support
·  Exceptional visibility and compliance
·  Simple return solutions for both high-value and low value
·  6 digit and full classification services

Clear your shipments closer to your customers

Clear your B2C shipments close to your last mile delivery partner

Take advantage of direct flights in to the local market with shorter and faster transit times

Take advantage of empty trucks and lower cargo heavy flights.
Avoid massive transit delays due to handling and customs in busy airportby moving your clearances closer to your customers market.

Avoid customs delays by using Crossborderit services.
Crossborderit offers global solutions for customs clearances

Major benefits:
·  Low-Cost    
·  Pre and direct classification of HS6 and HTS/HS
·  High-value and Low-Value clearances (IOSS and NON-IOSS)
·  Scanning Support System for customs cage operations
·  Closer to your Last Milage Delivery Operators

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