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Flat fee IOSS Compliance, the simplest way to make sure your customers are satisfied. Crossborderit will execute your IOSS entries and Compliance without managing complicated pricing structure and evasive integrations. Simply sign up, charge your customer the taxes, and Crossborderit (CBIT) quickly and easily takes care of the rest.

What is IOSS

July 1st, 2021, things are changing in the EU. For shippers moving into the common market, tax authorities require the VAT to be collected by the merchant and paid through an IOSS intermediary in the receiving country.

VAT is a sales tax, and up to now, there was little sales taxes paid on low value shipments. Taxes will now belevied on all shipments even low values under €150. After July 1st, 2021 all shipments will need to pay VAT (sales tax).

The new structure is called IOSS, and Crossborderit(CBIT) has you covered. With simple onboarding and easy flat shipment fees, it is easy to calculate the taxes, collect them and let Crossborderit (CBIT), report, pay, manage Compliance for you.


  • Simple onboarding without excessive integrations
  • Complete service from payment, processing, reporting, and Compliance
  • Flexibility to use multiple carriers

What you need to know

All shipments under €150 will require this new support. Shipments over €150 will work as they do today. CBIT also offers simple DDP for these solutions for a seamless outstanding customer experience.

Breakbulk shipments, Courier shipments, and all other commerce will require an IPSS representative. Crossborderit (CBIT) can get you signed up and manage all of the needs you will have to ensure your customers are satisfied and there is no disruption in your shipping.

Merchants can have just one IOSS intermediary but can use their number with any carrier. Rather than choosing options with complicated and expensive pricing structures and integrations, CBIT offers a streamlined process and flexibility as well as a flat fee that is easily passed on to the shopper.

How does it work

  1. Sign up above, and Crossborderit (CBIT) will send you a secure link
  2. Agree to the terms, conditions, and billing options that work for you
  3. Use your own, Crossborderit’s or any other tax calculator to show the price of tax in the checkout. Customers can choose 25%, which is the highest VAT in the checkout for quick processing. Include the flat fee for CBIT tax processing and Compliance in the checkout.
  4. Choose from several options to submit shipping data to CBIT
  5. Let Crossborderit (CBIT) take care of the rest

Who is affected

IOSS affects all direct-to-customer shipments below €150. The rules are designed to focus on e-commerce shipments direct to the customer.

Who can use the IOSS

Your IOSS will be assigned as a child account through CBIT. This number is yours and should only be used by you. Make sure the number is secured if it is compromised. It can be used by other shippers and will create a tax liability for your company.

Crossborderit(CBIT) monitors all child accounts in real-time, which gives you an extra piece of mind if yours is compromised. CBIT provides a monitoring platform that allows you to see all activities and services we provide.

Our prices

  • Flat fee for all services starting at  €1 per shipment
  • Access to Crossborder IT platform for just €19.99 per month for reporting Compliance and activities

How to register

  1. Simply provide your e-mail for a secure link to
    onboarding into our system
  2. Choose billing options
  3. Choose data remittance option
  4. Receive your secure IOSS and begin shipping
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