What are the requirements for using Crossborderit's IOSS service (CBIT)?

December 16, 2022

The service is suitable for those sending goods from outside the EU to consumers in EU member countries. The service applies to shipments up to 150 €.

To use Crossborderit's IOSS service, you must:

Step 1

Add the Crossborderit app in the Shopify App Store: IOSS and Landed Cost Service | Shopify App Store

Step 2

Register / complete the registration for the IOSS service on our site: cbit.crossborderit.com/merchant-onboarding

Step 3

When you complete both applications / registrations, you will receive an invoice from Crossborderit with 3 months prepayment for the IM number (IOSS number) application to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Step 4

When the 3-month subscription payment has been paid, Crossborderit will apply for the IM number at the Swedish Tax Agency, where it is registered (allow 3-5 business days).

Once Crossborderit (CBIT) is registered it will help you:

- Calculate VAT

- Determine who is liable for VAT

- Issue VAT invoices / Credit Notes

You must also provide your shipping solution with Crossborderit's IOSS number for packages where Crossborderit has VAT liability. The Crossborderit IOSS number must be kept confidential outside of this requirement. Do not share this number or use it for transactions where Crossborderit is not liable for VAT. Misuse of IOSS numbers can trigger prosecution and penalties.

IOSS has created a process that helps merchants collect VAT and pay it through an intermediary such as Crossborderit

The Crossborderit Shopify app makes these processes simple and effective. By leveraging Shopify's tax and duty calculator, merchants can calculate taxes directly at checkout and add the €1 fee for Crossborderit's services, so customers have a clear idea of what they are paying.

Damon Baca


Crossborderit (CBIT)