VAT Agent in the EU: Sell easily and securely

December 16, 2022

Most companies are already familiar with the IOSS. The new system that came into force in July 2021 and regulates the import of goods into the European Union.

If a company wishes to import goods into the EU, it must pay VAT on all goods valued at £135 or less. To help companies manage these regulations and provide tax representation for companies wishing to comply with the rules. Crossborderit has created a SaaS platform software where our solution allows you to upload your classifications, allows you to calculate the total import costs for the buyer, collect all fees and forward them to the import broker, all this together with all relevant master data, thus making a fully complete B2C customs declaration for a smooth cross-border entry in the destination country.

Crossborderit offers a wide range of services, from HS code customization, e-declarations, tax calculation and computation to tax representation. As an artificial intelligence-based platform, with these services and solutions, Crossborderit saves companies a lot of money and time. In addition, it allows companies to expand faster, expand faster and grow their business.

Shopify's sellers can be on IOSS

Crossborderit (CBIT) integrates with Shopify. The Crossborderit app, along with Shopify's tax and duty calculator, allows sellers to calculate taxes at checkout, report shipments using their CBIT IOSS number and enter EU countries under the new "one stop shop" rules.

The current Crossborderit application allows automatic reporting of IOSS shipments. Future versions will allow for VAT collection at the time of purchase.

The Crossborderit application for Shopify costs $24 per month. When this fee is charged on Shopify, it will replace the $19.99 fee Crossborderit charges for access to the CBIT system. This access includes all reporting, compliance and system access.

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Damon Baca


Crossborderit (CBIT)