Tips to improve user experience in ecommerce

December 16, 2022

Are you still doubting about the advantages of e-commerce? Were you thinking about expanding the borders of your business to the European market? Don't think twice.

The purchases we make from our computers, mobiles and tablets are becoming more and more frequent and the products we buy on the Internet are becoming more and more varied. The proof is that companies in the main European economic powers such as France, the United Kingdom and Italy are significantly increasing their annual sales volume thanks to e-commerce or online stores.

Keys to improve your ecommerce or online store

1.Capture new customers

More and more entrepreneurs are deciding to venture into international sales: they need to attract new customers from outside the national territory in order to grow as a company and increase their financial profits.

2. Untapped market niche

The level of imports within e-commerce is much higher than the volume of exports; therefore, there is still a fairly large market segment for those businesses that wish to start selling products online on foreign territory. It is enough to develop a website or a mobile application available with translation into other languages, at least English, to enter this market dominated by giants such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress or Alibaba.

3.Increase your profits

Nine out of ten SMEs that export products abroad are more profitable than traditional businesses that are limited to a single target of that country, online commerce allows you to sell products to any country in the world. If your intention is to sell in the EU, you will have access to a wider audience.

4. It is a complement to your physical store, not a substitute.

Online stores do not replace physical stores, but act as a complementary activity. In this way, you avoid losing sales opportunities by not being in this distribution channel. So it is profitable to set up your online store as an extra to your traditional store.

In short, your products will be sold to a larger public and with greater purchasing power; therefore, you will obtain more benefits because your prices are more competitive. It is convenient to open the borders of our business to the largest number of countries on the European continent because we will increase the volume of sales and, consequently, the profit.

  • The problem: This last year new export regimes have generated that companies have problems when exporting to the European Union or stop exporting because of the complexity and lack of knowledge they have about it.
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    Damon Baca


    Crossborderit (CBIT)