How Shopify and Crossborderit integration can help you calculate the landed cost for your EU shipments

December 16, 2022

Crossborderit’s APP for Shopify makes these processes simple and efficient. Leveraging Shopify’s tax and duty calculator, merchants can calculate taxes directly at checkout and add the €1 fee for Crossborderit’s services, so customers have a clear idea of what they’re paying.

Using this integration means goods go through customs faster because VAT has already been calculated and accounted for, plus the end customer has full visibility and will not incur any surprise costs when picking up the product. The key focus should be on customer satisfaction.

Benefits for online retailers of using Shopify and Crossborderit integration

Reduced administrative costs

Your company, being registered with IOSS in an EU member state, will be able to use this registration as a basis for shipping throughout the EU.

Loyal customers

When making a cross-border purchase, customers face uncertainty due to multiple surprise invoices and customs challenges. By registering your company with IOSS, you can show your customers the total cost at the time of the transaction and streamline the customs process.

Benefits of Shopify and Crossborderit integration for your customers

Hassle-free transactions

Since your company is registered with IOSS, your customers will no longer have to go through another procedure to pay VAT.

No surprise costs

Customers will no longer have to pay surprise charges, taxes or additional customs fees. This means a completely transparent transaction. E-commerce and marketplace companies can advertise their products at full price (including VAT and all shipping costs).

Faster delivery

As VAT is already calculated and accounted for, products will pass through customs quickly thanks to the standardized system. Unlike customers buying through an unregistered supplier.

IOSS is great for merchants and ecommerce customers

In the past, there was no direct way to pay VAT (sales tax) to the European authorities. Shipments were held up and customers were frustrated by double invoices and costs that were not calculated at checkout.

IOSS has created a process that helps merchants collect VAT and pay it through an intermediary such as Crossborderit (CBIT).

CBIT handles payment, compliance and reporting with access to our platform for only $24 per month.

Simply sign up and let Crossborderit take care of the rest.

Damon Baca


Crossborderit (CBIT)