How does IOSS improve the shopping experience for customers in the EU?

July 21, 2021

Being on IOSS greatly simplifies the collection, declaration and payment of import VAT on behalf of customers. However, if a supplier is not registered with IOSS and does not notify its customers about possible fees, it may increase customer dissatisfaction and the risk that they will not purchase from your online platform again.

Import One Stop Shop means that the end customer can see the exact cost (including VAT) at the point of sale and not incur hidden costs later on as the goods pass through customs. IOSS-registered vendors offer a more convenient customer service when considering import VAT on behalf of the customer.

How can CBIT help you?

If you are unsure whether IOSS is right for you or want to know how to integrate it into your VAT optimization, it is advisable to contact a specialist company such as Crossborderit to put your mind at rest.

CBIT has it covered for you. With simple onboarding and simple, flat shipping rates, it will be very easy to calculate duties, collect them and even pay them for you. Plus, CBIT offers simple DDP for these solutions for an excellent, hassle-free customer experience.

Contact the Crossborderit team to get the advice you need on the new IOSS and also be your IOSS representative.

Register with Crossborderit and ship hassle-free.

Damon Baca
Crossborderit (CBIT)