How does Crossborderit's automated customs clearance work?

December 16, 2022

Crossborderit's platform uses several artificial intelligence based solutions that validate the declaration data before sending it to customs for clearance.

It uses HS code assignment, duty and tax calculation, IOSS representation and many other Crossborderit services to provide a fast and seamless clearance process to the customer. Crossborderit covers VAT rates, duties and trade restrictions for most countries in the world.

With global trade compliance becoming more complicated every year, Crossborderit has automated and simplified every step of the supply chain and offers online sellers, marketplaces and logistics companies one platform for all their needs. Crossborderit, being an AI-based platform, saves companies a lot of money and time and allows them to move faster, scale faster and grow their business.

Crossborderit's powerful AI engine assigns e-commerce product transactions the appropriate and mandatory HS code, calculates VAT and duty amounts, automatically creates and landsed electronic declarations to customs, and gets a response on goods clearance within minutes.

Crossborderit also acts as the fiscal representative for all cross-border transactions for non-EU sellers shipping goods to EU customers. This makes Crossborderit the only company to offer a 100% complete fulfillment service for anyone shipping goods to the EU.

Damon Baca


Crossborderit (CBIT)