European one-stop shop ​is automated and simple with Shopify and Crossborderit

December 16, 2022

Retailers, when selling products to their customers in the EU, must calculate, charge and pay VAT on all packages shipped, regardless of their value.

Unfortunately, retailers are not clear that they must also pay VAT on all additional costs associated with the sale. And if they make mistakes in the calculation, retailers must be held accountable.

Leave these problems in the past and say hello to the future with Shopify and Crossborderit.

In the past, there was no direct way to pay VAT (sales tax) to European authorities. Shipments were held up and customers were frustrated with double invoices and costs that were not calculated in the checkout process. Customers were expected to pay duties and taxes on products over €23.

The Crossborderit Shopify app makes these processes simple and effective. By taking advantage of Shopify's duty and tax calculator, merchants can calculate taxes directly at checkout and add the €1 fee for Crossborderit's services, so customers have a clear idea of what they are paying.

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Damon Baca


Crossborderit (CBIT)