Ecommerce: Customer experience trends for 2022

December 16, 2022

If you've never thought about your ecommerce customer experience, it's time to make it a priority. CBIT will bring you the top CX trends for this 2022.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of delivering a positive customer experience, and you must have some sort of service option in every channel where you reach customers.

So what makes for a great customer service experience? Some things to consider are:

- Timely responses: Forty-eight percent of consumers expect a response within 24 hours and 18% expect a response within an hour.

- Consistency: Create a brand that has a reputation for solid, consistent customer service and support.

- Omnichannel support: Whether a customer wants to get in touch via social media, live chat, email, phone, etc., you must provide several different support channels.

- Human element: Even if you have a chatbot to help with support issues, make sure there is still a level of authenticity and friendliness with every touch.

- Ease of contact: Make it easy for customers to communicate with you.

Privacy Policy

Browser cookies are vital to the customer experience. Cookies store data and information on a website, which facilitates automatic form filling and creates a more personalized experience.

Transparency is key: when someone provides their email address for something, they need to know whether or not they will end up on your email list. And they need to know exactly what to expect when they give you this information. Essentially, the customer is the gatekeeper of this information. They now have much more ability to allow companies access to their personal data.

Security standards

Ensuring a secure online shopping experience is essential to earning customer trust and building a strong brand reputation.

Accessibility requirements

To make the ecommerce customer experience more accessible, implement best practices like these:

Add alt tags to every image: These are descriptions of images on your website that help improve the experience for those who are visually impaired and may be using a screen reader.

Create descriptive call-to-action buttons: Be clear about what your buttons mean.

Don't rely on color: Be sure to have text or other messages along with color changes to help colorblind customers.

Localize your website: Make sure customers around the world can easily access your website by translating it into different languages.

Label form fields: Screen readers will not always pick up placeholder text within forms, so it is a good idea to always use form field labels to be as clear as possible.

Accessibility is about listening to the customer's needs and providing for them.

Web User Experiences

When a customer arrives at your website and begins their online shopping journey, you want to ensure the best possible experience and navigation on your site.

This is the best way to improve customer retention by having a fast, easy-to-use website that allows online shoppers to find what they are looking for and pay before the shopper has second thoughts.

Web Design Experiences

We've covered website user experience, but we don't deny the importance of a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website design.

Poor design can easily lead people to find alternatives and competitors to buy from, and we want to prevent that from happening.

But what design mistakes should you watch out for?

- A cluttered website that is confusing and difficult to navigate

- Long page load times due to large image sizes

- Hard to read fonts

- Unprofessional design

- A menu that lacks organization

Remember that the success of your ecommerce depends on the experience of your customers. Wherever they are, with convenient, hassle-free shopping experiences that include simplified checkout and tracking. You'll soon see the benefits of happier customers and more sales.

Damon Baca


Crossborderit (CBIT)