Crossborderit's IOSS intermediation service (CBIT) will help you to ship smoothly to the EU.

December 16, 2022

The Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) was established to facilitate and simplify the VAT declaration and payment of long distance sales of imported goods (value not exceeding €150). Its functions are as follows:

First, IOSS facilitates the collection, declaration and payment of value added tax for sellers selling imported goods at long distances from EU buyers.

Secondly, IOSS also simplifies the procurement process and will not face unexpected costs when the goods are landed, and only needs to be paid when the buyer purchases.

Thirdly, if the seller is not registered with IOSS, the buyer must pay VAT and customs clearance fees usually charged by the carrier.

How to register IOSS?

From April 2021, registration on the official IOSS website of any EU member state is open.

If your company is not in the EU, you must appoint an intermediary agency established in the EU (such as Crossborderit) to fulfill VAT obligations under IOSS. Your IOSS registration is valid for all long distance sales of imported goods to EU buyers.

Once you register Crossborderit (CBIT), it will help you to:

Calculate VAT

Determine who is liable for VAT

Issue VAT invoices / Credit notes

You must also provide your shipping solution with Crossborderit's IOSS number for packages where Crossborderit has VAT liability. The Crossborderit IOSS number must be kept confidential outside of this requirement. Do not share this number or use it for transactions where Crossborderit is not liable for VAT. Misuse of IOSS numbers can trigger prosecution and penalties.

Register with Crossborderit and ship hassle-free.

Damon Baca


Crossborderit (CBIT)