Crossborderit tips: how to improve your ecommerce user experience

December 16, 2022

Everyone knows that happy customers spend more, talk more about your brand to their friends and leave good reviews.

Let's evaluate all the aspects that make up your customer experience, and the actions you can take to make it even better.

1. A fast, easy-to-navigate website

Consumers are more impatient than ever and will not hesitate to close your website if it takes too long to load, or if they have a hard time understanding what your store is all about.

Many online stores try to do too much, including too many things on their website, which ends up making it a cumbersome and complicated website.

To make your ecommerce faster you can:

▪ Avoid uploading images with excessively high resolutions, and try to modify the weight of the images to an appropriate amount before uploading them.

▪ Avoid uploading images in formats that are not optimized for the web (TIF, for example) and try to use web-optimized formats such as GIF, JPEG or PNG.

2. Your ecommerce must have relevant information

Any product page has only one goal: to convince the visitor that the product is worth buying.

Your product pages must have:

▪ Obviously, the price.

▪ Variety of high quality images to help the visitor imagine how they would use your product.

▪ Product details: sizes, colors, material information, etc.

▪ Additional information that adds value to the product.

3. Optimize your checkout process

Every online store should always work on this, regardless of the product or service they sell.


▪ Add a simple and clear "Add to cart" button.

▪ Make the "Checkout Now" button always visible to the customer.

▪ Clearly display all products in the cart.

▪ Offer a guest checkout process (no need to register).

4. Use email marketing

There are several parts that make up the email system of any online store.

▪ Marketing emails sent to potential customers.

▪ Shopping cart abandonment emails that are sent to customers who have not completed the checkout process.

▪ Emails with completed purchase information.

▪ Customer service and other emails.

One of the factors that undoubtedly improves your ecommerce experience is transparency.

Imagine that your customer orders a shirt in your ecommerce and at the moment of picking up his order he has to pay a second invoice of extra costs for a product that he paid for in your ecommerce. This causes customer dissatisfaction and in the worst case they will stop buying from your ecommerce.

Crossborderit (CBIT) can help We have solutions that can help you show your customer's landed cost, collect the money and pay it on their behalf.

Transparency will help you build loyalty with your international customers and ensure that most shipments never stop at the border. They are disembarked as a domestic shipment.

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Damon Baca


Crossborderit (CBIT)