Automate EU VAT compliance with Crossborderit

December 16, 2022

New EU eCommerce reforms have a far-reaching impact on domestic and international sellers doing business in Europe. Both B2B and B2C e-commerce marketplaces and companies can benefit from automated solutions to simplify the entire VAT compliance lifecycle, from registrations to calculations and reporting.

EU VAT reforms pile complexity on businesses

On July 1, 2021, European Union (EU) member states implemented significant changes to VAT obligations for B2C e-commerce, including EU one-stop shop, import one-stop shop and marketplace-considered supplier obligations.

IOSS: Offers non-EU sellers the option to register with IOSS in a single EU state to declare VAT on B2C sales and imports of shipments under €150. However, non-EU sellers may require an intermediary (such as Crossborderit) to take responsibility for VAT collection and compliance.‍

OSS: Allows sellers within the EU to report all their remote sales within the EU on a single VAT return in their home country instead of having multiple VAT registrations across the EU.

Automate VAT compliance with Crossborderit

Crossborderit's enhanced VAT compliance solutions provide global businesses with features that help navigate the new laws for deemed suppliers OSS, IOSS and marketplace across the EU, as well as optimize overall VAT compliance through automation.

Crossborderit helps businesses of all sizes to become tax compliant.‍

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Damon Baca


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