Abandoned Cart Phenomenon: How to avoid lost sales in e-commerce

December 16, 2022

Consumers add products to their cart, start the checkout process for their online order, but exit the process before completing the purchase.

This abandonment phenomenon is a major problem for online stores that must be avoided. The best way to identify ways to avoid losing more sales is to find out why online shoppers abandon their shopping carts.

What are the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment?

In online shopping, just like in-store sales, consumers enter stores to shop, compare prices or explore options, which means there will always be the possibility of cart abandonment.

Let's explore some of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment

The website was too slow

Consumers quickly give up if the store's website is too slow or technical problems arise, and if these problems persist, the customer will not be able to use the website. The solution to this is to maintain and update the site regularly. To catch errors quickly, retailers can also review the site regularly and view and click through all pages and aspects of the site.

The website did not appear secure

Consumers do not trust all websites due to the rise of online fraud and hacking. Fortunately, consumers are increasingly aware of this. Which means that e-commerce must try to convince consumers that their website is secure.

Unexpected delivery times and landed costs

In many cases, potential buyers decide to leave the site before making a purchase because the shipping costs were too high or the landed time was too long.

The solution to this is to be direct and transparent. Customers are looking for clear and unambiguous information about landed and return costs and times.

Lack of information on returns

Before buying a product, customers want to know how to return it if necessary and if it involves any extra costs. If this information is not clear on the website, customers will choose to abandon the store.

The customer's payment method was not available

Many online shoppers abandon their cart because their preferred payment method is not available. The solution is to offer as many payment methods as possible, specifically targeting local interests.

Damon Baca


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