10 frequently asked questions about CBIT integration on Shopify

December 16, 2022

If my volume was to increase in the future - would there be a reduction in fees

VAT fees are fixed and cannot be reduced unless goods delivered are part of the Reduction Agreement. Other than that, we have the most affordable rate for IOSS and invoicing. We will look into this and see how we can support you and your business more.

Is there a separate invoice using your add-ons?

No, our add-ons are free.

Is there any threshold limit for the VAT registration in the European nations or other countries listed above?

We do not have a threshold, we only cover transactions within 150 Euro.

Will Shopify capture existing orders in the queue if I install it now?

It will capture all fulfillments and the order they belong to. Orders already fulfilled can also be retrieved.

Is VAT paid in Euros?

Yes, we only accept payments in EUR currency as mandated by our Tax Authorities.

I wonder if you only provide the software that calculates import VAT/customs etc?

For Shopify, it does the VAT calculation, but it should be for VAT for specific countries. You can make the changes in your configuration.

For our API, it is designed to transmit the orders you have from your website to our system. You must still use your own calculation to allow the buyer to pay import VAT plus surcharges on their payment.

Is it okay to ship my items using DHL

Yes, you can continue using your preferred shipping couriers.

How quickly can we get your add-ons up and running?

Once installed on your system, you should be up and running immediately.

What happens if my buyer was charged for VAT even if I have my IOSS number

For customer orders that were still charged, you will have to ask your carrier or customs broker for proof of customs clearance to check if your IOSS number was used in the customs declaration (#44 in the SAD document).

We are working on a solution to get this resolved with the VAT you paid for your order.

How hard is it to implement the API?

You can do it yourself if you have software development experience, so we recommend having a developer work with you to install the plugins. Email us at support@crossborderit.com for instructions.

If you would like to learn more please visit the following link.

Damon Baca


Crossborderit (CBIT)