Why should you make Crossborderit (CBIT)your IOSS representative?
Published 28 June 2021

One of the main reasons to sell products on online marketplaces is the opportunity to reach new customers.

The main advantage of online marketplaces is the attraction of new customers which means more sales and higher revenues. However, expanding into cross-border trade brings many risks.
The new regulations for ecommerce shipping in the EU
As of July 1, all shipments to the EU from a third country will be subject to VAT. In addition to submitting a declaration of all goods entering the EU.

Online marketplaces should be aware of the different rules specific to each country they ship to, their tax and customs regulations. (These rules are always changing). Unless your company has a department that controls these issues, this can be a major obstacle to selling to EU countries.
Luckily, Crossboderit has a simple solution to help you with Classification, Calculation, Import Cost Collection and Customs Brokerage, all to make sure the buyer gets a smooth shopping experience.

With a simple integration to your ecommerce CBIT will allow you to calculate the total import costs for the buyer, collect all fees and forward them to the import broker, all this together with all relevant master data, thus making a fully complete B2C customs declaration for a smooth cross-border entry in the destination country.

What to do if I ship to the EU from a third country?
To facilitate e-commerce VAT obligations on distance sales of imported goods, the EU has created the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS), where ecommerce will be able to collect, declare and pay VAT to the tax authorities.

In case you are not based in the EU, you will have to assign an IOSS intermediary to take care of the compliance of the new regulations for you.

Crossborderit will execute your IOSS and compliance entries without managing a complicated pricing structure and evasive integrations.

Simply sign up, collect taxes from your customer and Crossborderit (CBIT) will take care of the rest quickly and easily.
Contact the Crossboderit team to get the advice you need on the new IOSS and also be your IOSS Representative.

CBIT has it covered for you. With simple onboarding and flat, simple shipping rates, it will be a breeze to calculate duties, collect them, even pay them for you. Plus CBIT offers simple DDP for these solutions for an excellent hassle-free customer experience.

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Damon Baca
Crossborderit (CBIT)