How to get an IOSS representative in the EU?
Ecommerce sellers must register company within one of the EU countries, or in case your company is not established in the EU find an IOSS representative who is in charge of managing taxes and reporting for goods entering the EU.

Crossborderit can handle everything related to shipping goods into the EU. It allows companies to classify, calculate, collect import and customs brokerage costs, and can even pay fees on your behalf.

Online marketplaces, e-commerce companies, online sellers, etc. They will be able to see the light of day thanks to CBIT's representation, as they will be able to count on professionals to provide them with peace of mind and confidence to continue selling their products smoothly in the EU.

Published 17 June 2021
Crossborderit is your best ally
Crossborderit (CBIT) is about being transparent. Helping customers at every step of the international supply chain to deliver to their customers more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Crossborderit (CBIT) is here to help customers have a transparent, single-payment output. This makes the customers of freight forwarders and trade brokers more loyal.

Crossboderit supports growing global direct-to-consumer sales with integrated duty and tax calculation software for any retail web store platform.
Let CBIT do it for you
As we are well aware the new rules require businesses to register in the EU or appoint an intermediary to handle VAT declarations and payments.

Crossborderit's platform allows integrators, postal authorities and 3rd party logistics companies to control the data flow where we enable checkouts to integrate the total landed cost and subsequently collect the duties, taxes and brokerage fees paid for the importing customs broker.
Contact the Crossboderit team to get the advice you need on the new IOSS and also be your IOSS Representative.

CBIT has it covered for you. With simple onboarding and flat, simple shipping rates, it will be a breeze to calculate duties, collect them, even pay them for you. Plus CBIT offers simple DDP for these solutions for an excellent hassle-free customer experience.

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Crossborderit (CBIT)